Lisa Bellini – West Lee Middle School

Our latest Welcome To Sanford Teacher of the Week is Lisa Bellini of West Lee Middle School. Ms. Bellini is an AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination) elective and sixth-grade science teacher, as well as the AVID Site Coordinator. A 15-year professional in education, Ms. Bellini has been a part of the WLMS Pride family for the past 5 years of her teaching career. She holds a BA in French and an M.ed. in Secondary Education from the Holy Family College in Philadelphia, PA.

Recognized by her peers as a friendly, compassionate team player, with a clear passion for learning, Ms. Bellini believes every student has the potential to do great things. She observes, “We, as educators, need to provide the right mix of direct instruction and student-led instruction to let our students shine.”

The teaching accomplishment Ms. Bellini is proudest of doesn’t involve receiving an award or plaque. Instead, it’s the distinct memory of helping an individual student achieve success. “I had a student that was on the autism spectrum. He was like a puzzle that needed to be solved. It took an entire quarter, but we figured things out and he had a wonderful rest of the year. He ended the year with one of the highest averages in science.”

In her free time, Ms. Bellini enjoys reading and spending time with her family.