Lindsay Gaines – SanLee Middle School

Our Welcome To Sanford Lee County Teacher of the Week is Lindsay Gaines of SanLee Middle School. While Mrs. Gaines has only been at SanLee for seven months, she is no newbie when it comes to teaching. She’s been a teacher for 11 and a half years and holds a bachelor’s degree in elementary education from Juniata College and a master’s in reading and grades 6-9 ELA from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro.

Mrs. Gaines’ goal is not only to develop her students’ minds, but also their hearts. “As a teacher I feel the most important thing I can do is build relationships with my students. I want to do what is best for each one and foster a love of learning.”

Peers of Mrs. Gaines have nothing but positive things to say about her. “My colleagues would probably say I am full of energy, think outside the box and do whatever possible to engage students.”

In her free time, Mrs. Gaines loves to travel and make memories with her family. “I have two small children, so we are always having fun.” She is also an avid runner and loves fitness. Something else that Mrs. Gaines is proud of is the fact that she grew up in upstate New York in the Adirondack Mountains and made her way to North Carolina all by herself at 21 for her first teaching job.