Let’s De-liver Some Liver Care Tips

Over the past few weeks, our Wellness column has shared a lot of valuable information during the October observance of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. It’s important to note that October is also Liver Cancer Awareness Month. Liver disease is one of the 10 major causes of death among Americans, and the American Liver Foundation is dedicated to helping society know more about conditions, nutrition and research most commonly associated with liver-related diseases.

The ALF offers these tips to help take better care of your liver.

Eat well. Avoid overreliance on fatty foods, as they contribute to obesity and non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. Instead, enjoy a balanced diet, filed with products from all food groups – dairy, fruits, grains, vegetables, proteins and fats. Fiber-rich foods are always a good choice for liver health.

Limit alcohol consumption. Fatty liver, cirrhosis and alcoholic hepatitis are all liver diseases that are more common in people who drink a lot of alcoholic beverages. For liver disease patients, even a little alcohol can be too much. Always consult with your doctor about the appropriate use of alcohol in your specific situation.

Consume medications properly. Individuals with liver conditions are more sensitive than the average person, when it comes to some types of medications. Follow dosage requirements precisely and stay in contact with your physician about any other medicines you take regularly.

Steer clear of toxic items. This means by inhalation or skin contact, and includes cigarettes (and second hand smoke), insecticides, aerosol products and pretty much anything you can inhale that is out of the norm.

For more information about healthy liver habits, liver disease information, and resources and support, visit the American Liver Foundation website, or learn more about our local resources, by contacting Central Carolina Hospital at 919-774-2100.