LeeCo Schools Advanced & Gifted Program Earns NC Recognition

A recent state assessment of Lee County Schools’ Academically or Intelligently Gifted Program (AIG) gave the district an exceptional evaluation.  With 135 criteria to assess, the district demonstrated proficiency in all but 4 areas.

The AIG program identifies promising academic students, usually at the end of grade 3, and introduces differentiated classes in grades 4 and 5, to reflect their specific subject aptitudes. In addition to specialized classes for select AIG students, all elementary students in the county’s 7 elementary schools receive some type of AIG instruction.

Lee County Schools have recently introduced specialized AIG instructors into the elementary schools.  AIG electives in middle schools and high schools, as well as adding middle school AIG specialists, are in the plans for the near future.

For more information about the county schools’ progress with advanced and gifted students, read Zachary Horner’s recent coverage in the Sanford Herald.