Lee County Schools Announce Open House Schedule

With another school year in the Lee County Schools system roughly a month away, it’s time for students and families to start making plans. The school district has announced its full schedule of open house dates for all of the schools in the district. Open house activities for schools will get underway on or after August 22 with the exception of Tramway Elementary (which has already begun its school year) and Lee Early College (whose first day of school is August 6). The school district’s official first day of school is Monday, August 27.

The majority of elementary and middle schools have open houses for students from grades 1-through-8 planned for August 23. Kindergarten Open Houses are generally occurring on August 30. Orientation and schedule pick ups for freshmen take place at Southern Lee and Lee County High Schools on August 9 and 16 respectively, with open houses taking place at the county’s 2 traditional high schools in September.

The Lee County Schools website has the full list of dates for scheduled open houses, as well as more district news and convenient links to every school website.