Lee County Community Orchestra

This week’s Welcome To Sanford Artist of the Week is actually an amazing organization of artists, whose dedication to music and the community help to make Sanford and Lee County an extra special place. Of course, we’re saluting the Lee County Community Orchestra … celebrating its 31st season and concluding a year’s worth of Notes of Nature concerts.

The grand finale of the 2018-19 series was a show called River Rhythms, featuring the music of Gershwin, Strauss, Henry Mancini, among others. Orchestra fans enjoyed the music at the Mann Center last weekend, May 18-19, with guest conductor Rodney Winther and a special appearance from the Cliff Wheeler Band.

Among the many notables who play a central role in the vitality of the orchestra are Concertmaster Euli Schweizer, Music Director Tara Villa Keith and the President of the LCCO Association Reinette Stephenson. The orchestra’s long standing Secretary-Manager and violist Karen Huey was recognized as a 2018 Lifetime Achievement Award recipient a few months ago.  You can learn more about Karen in this article from the Sanford Herald.

Of course it takes the devotion of musicians, volunteers, supporters and sponsors to ensure the ongoing success of vibrant organizations like the Lee County Community Orchestra. Among the supporters of the orchestra is the Lee County Arts Council, which provides grant dollars to assist in LCCO’s ongoing operation.  And we would be remiss if we didn’t recognize the over 75 musicians who appeared in orchestra performances over the past year.

We thank the Lee County Community Orchestra, our Artists of the Week, and wish them many continued years of success.


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