LaKeisha Snipes -Lee County High School

Our latest Welcome To Sanford Teacher of the Week is LaKeisha Snipes of Lee County High School. Mrs. Snipes is in her first year at the high school as a freshman math teacher, after teaching for nearly a decade at West Lee Middle School.  Mrs. Snipes was recently recognized by the North Carolina Council of Teachers of Mathematics as Lee’s County’s Secondary Math Teacher of the Year.

The honor was a pleasant surprise for Mrs. Snipes and much deserved, according to her colleagues.  Susan Davis, a lead teacher and peer at West Lee Middle School notes that “Her passion for teaching, her compassion for students, her high expectations for learning, and her deep content knowledge are just a few of the qualities that define LaKeisha as an outstanding mathematics teacher.”

In her relatively short time at Lee County High School, Mrs. Snipes has already made an impact.  Principal Steven Ross observes that she has “already proven to be the epitome of a true educator. While in class, Mrs. Snipes incorporates multiple strategies to keep students engaged, while providing a high level of rigor. She is truly a solid teacher and we are honored to have her on our faculty.”

In terms of teaching philosophy, two characteristics that typify her work are concepts and communication. Mrs. Snipes observes that “`Conceptual’ is my whole style of teaching. Like with your times table, I want students to understand the math behind it, the conceptual aspect of it. I don’t teach tricks, I teach the math behind it.”

Mrs. Snipes is also a big proponent of teaching in small groups. “I make it my business to build relationships, and that has nothing to do with teaching math. You have to let them know first that you care, and once they do, they’ll do whatever you ask them to do. It helps me facilitate their learning.”