Kim Jacobs – West Lee Middle School

Our latest Welcome To Sanford Teacher of the Week is Kim Jacobs from West Lee Middle School.  Mrs. Jacobs is an Exceptional Children teacher at West Lee, whose teaching career included tenures in Guilford and Wake Counties, before moving to Sanford in 2005. A native of northern Virginia, Mrs. Jacobs holds a BS Degree in Special Education K-12 with certification in Behavior and Emotional Disabilities, Specific Learning Disabilities, and Intellectually Disabled from Greensboro College. Mrs. Jacobs was recently recognized as West Lee Teacher of the Year for 2019-20. She will serving as the Team Lead for Exceptional Children in the upcoming 2020-21 school year.

Mrs. Jacobs is an enthusiastic educator.  She notes, “Teaching and working with my students to make sure each child is able to reach their fullest potential is my passion! In this classroom we are friends, teammates, creators, dreamers, and scholars. We never give up and we encourage one another. We apologize, we forgive, and we respect each other. We are FAMILY!”

Mrs. Jacobs has wide ranging interests. As a high school student her activities included sports, music and theater.  Now, in her spare time, Mrs. Jacobs enjoys spending quality with her family, which even includes 2 horses, 5 dogs and 5 cats!