Kim Dakdouk – J.R. Ingram Elementary

Our latest Welcome To Sanford Lee County Teacher of the Week is Kim Dakdouk of J.R. Ingram, Jr. Elementary School. A second grade teacher, Mrs. Dakdouk has spent her entire teaching career spanning over 2 decades at Ingram, including her student teaching year. Mrs. Dakdouk has a Bachelor of Science degree in Elementary Education from Campbell University. She has also served as a mentor, clinical teacher for a student teacher and grade-level chairperson at Ingram.

Mrs. Dakdouk’s enthusiasm is evident and effective.  She comments, “I love my job and I love my students. We have a very active classroom. We like to have fun while we are learning. I have very high expectations. I expect my students to always try their hardest and to always have a reason for what they are doing. We think, think, think!”

With student engagement comes high expectations. Mrs. Dakdouk believes that by building close connections with her children, their prospects for success grow, observing “I believe students need to feel loved, they need to feel safe, listened to and respected. They need that connection with their teacher, then they will experience success in the classroom. I expect great things from my students! I tell my students that once you are one of my children, you are always one of my children. I expect hugs or high fives, even if you are grown up!”

Mrs. Dakdouk also frequently draws on Ingram’s motto, which is We unleash the potential of life-long leaders. She also feels tremendous gratitude to her colleagues, noting ”I am thankful for all of my years at J.R. Ingram. My second-grade team is the best you will ever find. The staff here is phenomenal; they love our students and are dedicated to their success and well-being.”

In her free time, Mrs. Dakdouk enjoys spending time with her husband and children, and has also been a volunteer at Christians United Outreach Center of Lee County, commenting “it has a big piece of my heart.”