Joy Velasco – B.T. Bullock Elementary School

Our latest Welcome To Sanford Teacher of the Week is Joy Velasco, a long-standing educator at B.T. Bullock Elementary School. Mrs. Velasco is now in her twelfth year at Bullock, where she teaches third grade.  Versatility is the name of the game for Mrs. Velasco.  In years past, she’s also taught kindergarten, first grade, fourth grade and fifth grade at the school. Mrs. Velasco has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from St. Joseph’s College in New York, as well as a Masters in Education from Long Island University.

Mrs. Velasco’s style of teaching might be classified as “encouraging, nurturing and supportive.” In her own words, Mrs. Velasco observes, “I do my best to give each child exactly what they need to be successful in my classroom and hopefully show them how that carries over into the rest of their lives. While I ensure that all academic requirements are met, I also offer as many opportunities as possible to grow and to encourage their spirits as well.”

A few years ago, Mrs. Velasco experienced a true teacher’s highlight that served as a vivid reminder of the role educators can play in the lives of their students. A former student of hers, then a recent high school graduate, dropped by to update her on his school accomplishments. He had evolved from a shy student, to an individual filled with confidence, and much of the evolution occurred during his year in Mrs. Velasco’s class. For Mrs. Velasco it was gratifying to realize the role she had played in this young student’s progress.

Mrs. Velasco has been very involved in activities at B.T. Bullock.  She’s served as a Grade Level Facilitator, Mentor and Lighthouse Team member. Her colleagues value Mrs. Velasco as a dedicated, determined and hard-working teacher. When she isn’t engaged in her school activities, Mrs. Velasco enjoys reading and most especially spending family time with her husband and 2 children.