Jennifer Eudy – Floyd L. Knight Children Center

Our Welcome To Sanford Teacher of the Week is Jennifer Eudy of Floyd L. Knight. Ms. Eudy is an exceptional children teacher and has been a part of the FLK family for 16 years. She holds a Bachelor Degree in Social Work and a Master’s in Education, both from North Carolina State University. Ms. Eudy was also recently honored as the FLK 2018-19 Teacher of the Year.

Ms. Eudy’s teaching philosophy stems from the belief that every child is capable of learning. “I believe that every student has the ability to learn when provided with the appropriate tools and opportunities to do so. Each student possesses their own unique way of acquiring knowledge. This ‘unique way’ must be tapped into in order to allow students a chance to be successful.”

Seeing Ms. Eudy in the classroom now, you wouldn’t have thought that as a youth, she originally didn’t envision being a teacher. She comments, “Growing up, I never said that I wanted to be a teacher, but I always had a desire to be around and work with individuals with special needs. That desire, along with the opportunity to earn my degree, put me where I am today and I love it!”

Because of FLK’s unique mission as a school for exceptional children only, Ms. Eudy’s best teaching experience is a little different than a traditional school teacher’s might be. “Since I keep the same kids for many, many years, I would say that the best experience has been being able to watch them grow and mature, physically and emotionally, and also being able to watch them become more independent.”

And if an individual is thinking of becoming a teacher and looking for some advice, Ms. Eudy would tell it to them straight. “It is not an easy job, so I would tell them not to do it unless they are 100% sure that is what they want to do.” Ms. Eudy is not currently a member of any organizations, but she feels she’s “a pretty cool cheer mama.”