It’s Summer Sun + Family Fun At San-Lee Park

Our Family First column last week discussed the many summer programs in place at the Lee County Libraries. This time, we head to the great outdoors for a closer look at the many fun things your family can do this summer at San-Lee Park. As with library activities, an added bonus here is that so much enjoyment can be had at little or no cost.

San-Lee Park offers so many things to experience. The grounds are an ideal balance of wooded areas and open spaces. The popular nature center houses a great selection of non-releasable wildlife for your family to discover, including a cross-section of mammals, reptiles, fish and birds of prey.

San-Lee Park consists of over 175 acres of nature & hiking trails (4 miles!), mountain bike trails (12 miles!), sheltered picnic facilities, campgrounds, running streams, and lakes for boat rentals and fishing. Campsite rentals are $15/night. There’s also playground space, an amphitheatre and even an outdoor chapel.

The park is located at 572 Pumping Station Road near the US 421 bypass, and the park offers extended Summer hours from 8am to 8pm, 7 days a week. Learn more about everything San-Lee Park has to offer, by visiting the San-Lee Park page the Lee County Government website. Then, set aside some quality family time to enjoy some activities at San-Lee Park!