It’s Summer Camp Planning Time

Now that Easter is past we’re headed down the homestretch for the school year, it’s also time to begin thinking about your summer activities … including possible summer camp for the kiddos. There are all sorts of camps, for every type of age, interest, budget and timeframe and most of the camps will begin filling their slots in the next few weeks.  Here are some factors to consider, as you work toward filling your children’s summer calendar with meaningful, memorable activities.

Involve your child in the decision.  Particularly for children who are well into elementary school and older, make sure you discuss the options. It’s important to get emotional and intellectual buy-in from your participant, in order to make sure he or she gets full benefit from the experience.

Have an objective.  Is this the summer your middle schooler gets better at music, dancing, academics or a specific sport?  Or is the goal to find a summer activity that will provide you and your child with some extra “away” time that includes fun and meaningful activities? With such a large variety of camps to choose from, try to select one (or more) for a specific purpose.

How much time & money? Some kids flourish and actually look forward to spending long stretches of summer time in a resident camp.  If your schedule and budget can accommodate, finding a specialty camp that provides the added benefit of teaching your children to socialize and make new friends may be worth considering.

Get the inside scoop.  Finally, before making a commitment, try to find out more about the camp in question.  Ask friends, neighbors, or classmates that may have attended previously.  Go online and read the reviews.  You want to have a clear idea of what the pros and cons are of each camp you consider, before you make any final decisions or have interaction with camp directors.