Introducing The Business Of The Week!

Business has been at the heart of Sanford since Lee County was first established in 1907. While large companies such as General Shale or Pfizer play a big part in the local economy, small local businesses are also a vital part of our community.

That’s why we’re starting a new column: the Welcome to Sanford Business of the Week!

Each Monday we will be highlighting a different Sanford business, learning more about their history, accomplishments and plans for the future and discovering the ways they help the community. Through this column, you’ll discover new local businesses and hopefully learn a little more about familiar businesses as well!

If you know a business that you believe would a good fit for the column or if you are interested in having your business featured on Welcome to Sanford, send us an email at

Make sure to check in each Monday to learn more about the businesses of Sanford, and follow us on Facebook for all of the latest updates!