Increase Your Car’s Resale Value Every Day

In last week’s finance feature, we touched on several ways a family can cut corners, and experience savings to their household budget.  This week, we want to consider ways to make more money, when it’s time to sell your car. It may seem counter-intuitive, but from the moment you purchase a vehicle you need to be thinking about selling it.

There’s no need to obsess over the occasional spill or scratch – they’re inevitable – but proper, continuous upkeep of your ride will make a big difference when it’s time to replace it with your next one.   Here are three ongoing things to keep in mind to push your resale value as high as possible.

Keep on schedule – It’s important to follow the upkeep instructions from your manufacturer.  Equally important, document all your routine maintenance visits. It makes it easier to stay on schedule and also offers proof of performance for prospective buyers.

Keep it clean – From a resale standpoint, cleanliness is virtually as important as maintenance.  By treating your vehicle the same way you treat your home and other cherished possessions, you make a great first impression and send a message that the car has been properly cared for.  Carpeting is especially important.  Try to clean stains quickly and thoroughly.  Try to vacuum on a regular basis.

Keep it simple – Try to resist that temptation to make a statement with your ride, by altering its look or operation.  The more outrageous your modification, the greater the negative impact on resale.  If you do choose to drop in a tricked-out audio unit or other add-on, keep the original parts so that you can get it as close to that presentation when it’s selling time.