Hygiene Hints For Children

With warmer, outdoor weather back in full sway, this can be a good time to teach younger children about the importance of good hygiene. Help kids understand that keeping their bodies clean is part of what growing up and being healthy is all about.

Washing Hands — The most important first hygiene tip to share with young children involves washing their hands frequently.  After using the bathroom, before handling food and any time after physical “hands on” activity such as playing with family pets are good times to use soap and water to eliminate the possibility of bacteria and other germs.

Bathing — Most children don’t produce body odor until puberty, but the combination of dirt and perspiration can block pores and create an unhealthy situation. A child’s age and activity levels will determine their bathing frequency, but it’s a good idea to bathe “too often,” rather than not enough. As with hand washing, teach your children the process … in this case, how to correctly clean every portion of their bodies.

Clothing — In the fun of spring and summer, it can become easy for children who are active outdoors to get out of the habit of changing their clothes regularly.  Remind your kids that any time their clothes get dirty or wet — including underwear — is a good time to put on a fresh set of clothes.

Brushing — Appropriate dental hygiene from an early age will yield value for a lifetime.  Teaching young children the importance brushing thoroughly at least every morning and before bed, and showing them how to do it correctly, should be a priority.  This is a hygiene habit that can easily be incorporated into a child’s routines when they get up in the morning and when it’s time for bed.