Holly Brower – J.R. Ingram Elementary

Our Welcome To Sanford Teacher of the Week is Holly Brower, the K-5 Art Teacher at J.R. Ingram Elementary School. Mrs. Brower has been a part of the Ingram family for her entire 14-year teaching career. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Education from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and is certified to teach visual arts for K-12. She also took courses through the continuing education program offered by St. Andrews College to add elementary education for K-6 to her license.

Mrs. Brower’s teaching philosophy is trifold. “Make it fun! Make sure the students know you care. Present lessons in an engaging manner and offer lots of hands-on experience!”

Seeing the masterpieces her students create every day is what Mrs. Brower will tell you that she is proudest of. When asked what words her colleagues would use to describe her, Mrs. Brower replied, “Hopefully, they find me supportive and fun!” Mrs. Brower enjoys spending time with her family, including her dog, and preferably at Emerald Isle in her free time.

Although her degree was in teaching, Mrs. Brower didn’t begin doing so until 20-plus years after graduating college. Prior to teaching, she managed a retail art and framing gallery in Chapel Hill. In order to spend more time with her family, she decided to stop the commute to Chapel Hill and start substitute teaching in Lee County. Not long after that, she was offered a first-grade position at J.R. Ingram. After teaching first grade for three years, Mrs. Brower became the school’s art teacher!