Heritage Concrete

This week’s Welcome To Sanford Business of the Week is Heritage Concrete, a civic-minded local business for over three decades. From its founding in 1986 to its present-day operation with two regional locations and roughly two dozen employees, Heritage Concrete has invested in our community and its long-standing client relationships, to literally build a much admired business.

Heritage Concrete founders and executives credit much of their success to the Golden Rule. Every important decision is weighed in the context of doing the right thing, regardless of the immediate impact on the company’s bottom line. This commitment was perhaps most evident in the economic downturn a decade ago. By managing internal resources, cutting costs and working efficiently, Heritage Concrete was able to keep their entire staff fully employed, with no layoffs.

This family-oriented mindset helps to ensure a dedicated workforce with a high level of expertise and low level of turnover. Heritage Concrete takes pride in providing a quality product, delivered by experienced and professional drivers, and with following that up with superior customer service. Heritage Concrete serves all sectors of the construction industry; commercial, government, and residential.

Of equal note is the company’s ongoing commitment to helping our community’s organizations and non-profits. It’s important to recognize that in many cases, it is the recommendations of employees that direct the company’s involvement. Support of youth sports teams, high school athletics, church fundraisers and many charitable groups is commonplace for Heritage Concrete.  The company is especially involved in the work of the area’s Boys & Girls Club.

Heritage Concrete was recently honored as recipient of Sanford/Lee County’s Small Industry of the Year award by the Sanford Area Growth Alliance (SAGA) and the Sanford Chamber of Commerce. The company was recognized for playing “a major part in literally dozens and dozens of other local businesses’ expansions or new locations here” and for its “contributions to the economy and business life of our community.” Heritage Concrete’s Cliff Stevens and Munsey Wheby accepted the award on behalf of their colleagues.