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Sanford - Lee County Health & Wellness

Central Carolina Hospital (CCH) is a focal point for comprehensive health care in Sanford and Lee County. CCH has earned national recognition as one of fewer than 50 hospitals nationwide performing at peak levels for surgically-related infections. CCH also consistently surpasses state and national rankings for its progress in areas such as heart care, pneumonia, surgical care and joint care.

A Duke Lifepoint Hospital, CCH has over 120 doctors and more than 600 employees working in 24 different specialties.

Duke Lifepoint acquired CCH in January 2016. The acquisition also included 19 regional physician practices, which allows the organization to provide advanced, seamless services to patients in Sanford, Lee County and surrounding communities. The introduction of the Duke Lifepoint organization into the day-to-day operation of CCH is a clear step in continuing to advance the delivery of quality healthcare throughout the region.For a directory of associated physicians, services, specialties, resources and much more, please visit the CCH website.

Another organization that plays a significant role in the health and wellness of residents in Sanford and throughout south central North Carolina is FirstHealth of the Carolinas.  FirstHealth operates four local hospitals in its 15 county footprint. Its network also includes family care centers, dental clinics, fitness centers, EMS services and much more.  Their facility in Sanford is FirstHealth Convenient Care Clinic, which provides treatment for urgent, but non-life threatening illnesses and situations.

In total, Lee County is served by over 50 dedicated health care provider practices, ranging from general practitioners and family practice physicians, to internists, pediatricians, dermatologists, urgent care and much more. With over 2 dozen dental practices, roughly a dozen chiropractic offices and other specialists, the health care community in Sanford and Lee County has a clear record of service to our residents.

As an added bonus, several nationally recognized hospitals and care centers are located within a few hours of Sanford. In the event that advanced procedures or treatments are needed, cutting-edge services are easily accessible for residents in Sanford and Lee County.

Of course, many people in the area are committed to actively taking care of their health. With several fitness centers, workout facilities, gymnastics programs, outdoor activities and sports and recreational leagues for people of all ages & abilities, there are plenty of options a person can take advantage of, to stay in shape and maintain his or her health.

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