Health & Fitness Resolution Basics For The New Year

We’re at that customary time when new year’s resolutions are a part of our thoughts and conversations.  Whether you’re a serial resolution-maker, or someone with less of a track record, give some consideration to using this occasion to make progress in the areas of general health and fitness. Any progress you make in this regard is literally a step in the right direction.

Here is a good cross-section of recommendations from experts that you should find helpful.

Start with a visit to your health care professional. Your physician is in the best position to help you devise a plan that is safe, practical and measurable.  Always see your physician before starting any type of strenuous fitness or aggressive weight loss program.

Start slowly & take small steps. Fitness experts suggest easing into any significant changes in your exercise or nutrition routine.  Make small changes first, allow your body to adjust, and then increase from there. It’s also a good idea to select the fitness activities that compliment your lifestyle and time commitment.

Celebrate achievements.  Starting with accomplishments you’ve achieved in the past, give yourself credit for the progress you’re making, and don’t fall into the trap of expecting overnight successes.

Expect pitfalls. Along the same lines, recognize that you may encounter occasional setbacks, get stuck on plateaus, or experience situations when it isn’t possible to completely stick to your regimen. Brainstorm ahead of time on ways to overcome temporary roadblocks like extended out-of-town travel and give yourself permission to have occasional lapses.

Document intelligently. By its nature, goal-setting includes keeping track of numbers and progress. But do so in a way that works for you. Many people do best when big goals are broken up into smaller bite-sized achievable segments. Some folks benefit by taking selfies at various stages, so they can see the results in front of them. Still others sign up for competitions a few months in advance, so that they have specific goals and timelines to aim for. Think about the method that will provide you with the most motivation.  Then, get started!