Gwendolyn Babcock – Deep River Elementary

Gwendolyn Babcock, a popular Kindergarten teacher at Deep River Elementary School is our Welcome To Sanford Teacher of the Week. Ms. Babcock is a Sanford native and even attended Deep River herself as a child.  She was also honored this past year as Deep River Elementary’s 2016-17 Teacher of the Year.

Ms. Babcock has 25 years’ teaching experience, including 9 years as a teacher for deaf students and 2 years working with first graders. She considers kindergarten her favorite teaching opportunity, because she is able to witness first-hand, her students’ curiosity, excitement and amazing ability to learn new concepts so quickly.

In honoring Ms. Babcock, the school district recognized her passion for teaching and for the children she works with. In part, her citation noted, “If you were to walk through her classroom … you would see her sitting closely to students, listening, sharing, guiding. You would see students, learning and engaging in everything their little hands touched. Mrs. Babcock knows the challenge of being a teacher – loving with all of your heart to shape the future.”