Monday, June 24, 2024


This is graduation week at schools throughout Lee County and a good time for a revisit to previous graduating classes from through the years.

We begin journeying exactly 50 years back into time to get acquainted with the senior class officers of Sanford’s Central’s class of 1968.

Ten years earlier in 1958, Sanford High’s senior class officers included Treasurer Buster Harrill, Secretary Lorace Jones, class sponsor Mrs. Barringer, President David Riddle and Vice-President Ralph Hamilton.

We’ve also located some activity from 1973, as graduation marshalls escort members of the senior class to their seats in the football stadium for graduation.


Forty years ago was a memorable time for many students and families throughout Lee County.  1978 was the year the county’s high schools all merged together to create the new Lee County Senior High School. The “city school” Sanford Central, and the much smaller community schools — Broadway, Deep River and Greenwood — joined forces as one center of secondary learning. Our final picture is of the senior class officers from Greenwood High’s class of 1976.

Editorial content, pictures and research background , compliments of Jimmy Haire and Images of America: Sanford and Lee County, by Jimmy Haire & W.W. Seymour, Jr, available here for purchase. All book proceeds go to Sanford’s Railroad House Historical Association, Inc.