Garage Sale Selling Points

So you’ve decided to declutter your house and put a little extra coin in your pocket. With warmer weather on the way. it’s time to start thinking about venturing into the world of garage sales (yard sales, tag sales, etc.), but not until you’ve done a little planning.

Start with your merchandise. Some folks like the “one year rule.” If it hasn’t been used in the past twelve months, find it a new home. If you have a surplus of an item such as clothing, DVDs or toys, consider a percentage policy. Take the least desirable ___% of this stuff and mark it for sale.

Then do your planning. Find out if there are laws or ordinances that will govern your event. Do you need a permit? Where can you put up signs, etc? When firming up the big day(s), check the calendar for possible conflicts, or for activities such as nearby sales or neighborhood open houses that could draw extra traffic.

Work on pricing and presentation. Visit other sales for the month leading up to yours to get good ideas for displays and what items are selling for. When it comes to pricing, most experts suggest finding that sweet spot that is considerably below retail (at least 30%) and offers you room to discount further if need be. Remember, your customers are looking for bargains. Make sure your items are clean and neatly and logically displayed. Mark prices clearly – taking into account the size of the item, so that the tags can be easily viewed. Finally, don’t forget the show biz aspect of the experience. Include balloons, pleasant music, spontaneous specials and an upbeat personality to make the event enjoyable for you and your customers. is one of many of sites with more tips on advertising your event and managing your big day.