Family Activities For Thanksgiving

In addition to being a time to give thanks for all the positive aspects of our lives, the Thanksgiving holiday can be a great time to encourage family activities and traditions.  For many folks, Thanksgiving offers an all-too-rare 4 day weekend and a chance to visit with extended family and friends.  Why not make use of this quality time to build memories every family member will hold dear over the years?

Family Cooking – If your family is making some or all of your Thanksgiving meal this Thursday, look for ways to involve every family member. The older your child, the greater responsibility they can take on, but there are ways to include even younger kids into cooking, baking, prepping, measuring ingredients or serving the holiday meal.

Volunteer Activities – Some families use Thanksgiving as an impetus to share their blessings with others less fortunate.  Serving Thanksgiving meals is a common choice, but there are other ways to get in to the true spirit of Thanksgiving. Consider reaching out to our local charitable organizations, schools and churches to see where you can help others in a way that fits your family’s time and talents.

Share Family Memories – Thanksgiving is a great holiday to slow down and reconnect with others.  Particularly if your holiday includes multi-generations or relatives from a distance, use the time to tell stories and share family history.  A browse through family photo albums can be a good memory starter. An after the meal gathering in the living room can be a great way to help everyone in the room feel a family connection.

Choose A Game or Movie – Beyond sharing conversations, any group activity, from board games to an after meal walk around the neighborhood can be time well spent. Select one or two things that everyone can participate in and enjoy the comraderie.

Most importantly, make good use of your time together. Every holiday should be enjoyed and cherished with your family members and loved ones.  Happy Thanksgiving!