Family Activities For Christmas Break

Christmas is just around the corner, and with it, is vacation time from school and possibly from work. It’s a great chance to invest in memorable and meaningful activities as an entire family. With Christmas on a Monday, this coming weekend can be an ideal opportunity to plan, and possibly start to implement, your holiday week family festivities. If age-appropriate, be sure to include your kids in the planning conversation. This can be an especially good topic to pass the time, if you’re travelling in the car for a few hours to visit friends or relatives for Christmas.

Here are some activities worth considering –

1) Plan a family fun day. Whether it involves a board game marathon, watching favorite family movies, baking cookies together, or possibly even playing with favorite toys as a family, setting aside some quality time for a common family experience is something that will mean a lot to your children – and quite possibly you as well!

2) Take a 1-day getaway. There are plenty of kid-friendly activities to experience within a few hours’ drive of Lee County. Talk it over with the kids, research some options, and select an attraction or community you’d like to visit. It’s another great way to build anticipation (avoid boredom), and create memories for the entire family.

3) Visit the library. Libraries are an often overlooked place to find entertainment and enjoyment at little or no cost. Read books on-site and borrow books, games, videos and the like to extend the fun. If you have a student who can benefit from some academic activity over the long break, libraries can be a non-threatening way to keep a child engaged in the learning process.

4) Spread holiday cheer. Consider using the Christmas season to teach kids the importance of sharing and helping others. If age-appropriate, ask your kids to consider parting with some of the toys and games they rarely play with … especially if they’ve been the recipients of new play items they enjoy and will use often.

Most importantly, use your “down time” as a chance to communicate with your kids. Play together, work together, have fun together. Well-planned quality time can help eliminate boredom for kids, and the “counting the days ‘til schools starts again” thoughts for parents.