Executive Jetport Secures $4M Government Funding For New Terminal

The ongoing growth and momentum experienced lately by Sanford’s Raleigh Executive Jetport has gained even greater acceleration with an allocation of $4M from the 2017-18 North Carolina budget, which goes into effect July 1.  The airport is one of the capital improvements in the state budget and the funds have been earmarked to create a new terminal.

The current terminal was built when the jetport opened in 1999. With approximately 2200 square feet of room, it is already being pushed to beyond capacity, as the jetport looks to accommodate its nearly 150 airplanes and makes plans to add 6 new hangars north of the terminal.

In a related development, the state has also granted the jetport permission to offer 40-year hangar leases, instead of previous approved limit of 20 years.  This is a significant development, as it will allow jetport officials and their executive travel clients & corporations more stability in securing space at the airport. As growth continues along the northern corridor of Sanford US 1, even more attention is being paid to the jetport.  The addition of lease windows and new terminal space will help the facility manage and maintain its growth.