Emily Thompson

Our latest Welcome To Sanford Artist of the Week is Emily Thompson. Emily is an area artist who works in pen & ink, as well as oil and pastels.

She is a member of the Sanford Brush & Palette Club and currently serves as a Program Chair for the Pastel Society of North Carolina. 6 of Emily’s works of art achieved recognition at the 2018 Sanford Brush & Palette Club Annual Art Show. She has also received several other accolades and has had the opportunity to exhibit her works many times throughout her career.

Emily is truly multi-talented. In addition to working in ink and pen, as well as pastels and oils, she is also a teacher and author. Her book is called Basics of Art and the Elements of Design, and it serves as a great resource, especially for young beginning artists. The book is a basic education course in drawing which follows the elements of design; composition, perspective, etc.

Her book winds up being a great textbook as well. Emily teaches Basics of Art classes, based on her book, both privately and through the Central Carolina Community College. Emily lives on a farm, so it’s not surprising that natural scenery finds its way into much of her work, particularly in her oils and pastels. Emily’s painting is also notable for its bands of strong, vibrant colors that often take up sizable portions of her work.

You can find a full collection of Emily’s artistry at her Facebook page.

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