Emily Oldham – WB Wicker Elementary

Our Welcome To Sanford Teacher of the Week is Emily Oldham of W.B. Wicker Elementary School. Since Wicker just opened this school year, this is Ms. Oldham’s first year at the school, but her seventh year overall teaching second grade. She teaches English Language Arts, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies. Ms. Oldham is also the grade chair for second grade, a mentor to a beginning teacher, a member of the A+ committee and helps with the school’s Facebook page. She holds an Associates of Arts from Sandhills Community College, a Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies from Campbell University and a Teacher Licensure add-on degree from St. Andrews University.

Ms. Oldham believes that teaching is about more than just academics, commenting “It is about developing students’ character. I believe that the way we act is just as important as what we learn. I try to foster a sense of love, care and respect in my classroom and teach my students that learning is important, but so is kindness.”

If you asked Ms. Oldham what her proudest teaching accomplishment is, she’d tell you that it’s her adaptiveness. “Change is hard in any job and I am very proud of my ability to grow as a teacher. Moving over to a new school was a big decision and a little scary (even for me as an adult) and I am proud that I took that leap.”

And in her free time, Ms. Oldham is an avid reader. She observes, “My absolute favorite thing to do is read. I love to talk about books, especially with my Book Club and close reader friends. Traveling is one of my favorite activities and I try to go to at least one new landmark every year. I visited Texas for the first time this year in March and in August I traveled to the very large and gorgeous state of Alaska. I am also a fan of thrift shopping, spending time with my little nephew Andrew, trying out new recipes and working on staying healthy. (It is a process!)”

You wouldn’t know it, but Ms. Oldham didn’t plan on being a teacher when she was younger. Ms. Oldham notes, “Teaching wasn’t my dream when I was a little girl, although, I was always a dreamer! Teaching was something I decided to pursue because of my other passions: reading, writing, storytelling, talking and kids. Now after teaching for seven years, I can’t imagine any other career. Spending all day with kids is the best!”