Elayne Monjar – Lee County High School

Our latest Welcome To Sanford Teacher of the Week is Elayne Monjar of Lee County High School. Previously an AP US Government teacher at the school, Ms. Monjar is in the early stages of a new role in education. After teaching at LCHS for seven years, and in a previous tenure in the Alamance-Burlington School System, Ms. Monjar is now settling into her duties as an Administrative Intern at LCHS, where she is well-positioned to provide greater service throughout the school.

Ms. Monjar was recently recognized as Lee County High School 2019-20 Teacher of the Year and Interim Principal Greg Batten is especially proud of her work ethic and team-oriented mindset.  He comments, “Teaching, to Ms. Monjar, is about advocating for every single student and ensuring they are given every opportunity to be successful. She believes that teaching is not a just one-person team, but a group effort. She works with teachers, administrators, families and more to achieve the school’s mission and vision for our students. We are proud to present Ms. Monjar as our Teacher of the Year.”

A Raleigh native and graduate of Elon University in History with a Teaching Licensure, Ms. Monjar is thrilled with her new position and looks forward to contributing in this new role.  She notes, “I am excited to join the administration team as the administrative intern for the fall semester!  I’m eager to have this new experience at LCHS.”