More Downtown Murals On The Way in 2017

The City of Sanford’s Mural Sub-Committee has awarded commissions to local artists to create two new public art murals in the historic Jonesboro section of downtown Sanford. As part of the Lee County Arts Trail, the popular mural project is one of several public art initiatives taking place in the area.

One mural will be created at 104 Main Street and will pay tribute to the Jonesboro Cornet Band, a popular local group of musicians who conducted popular concerts and live performances in the area around the turn of the 20th century.  Completion is scheduled by May 30.

The second mural location is at 108 Main Street and is envisioned as a vignette of historic Jonesboro landmarks, including the Tenney Inn, a tobacco loading platform and local shops.  This larger space is due to be completed no later than June 30.

Addition of the two Jonesboro murals will bring the total number of art works in the downtown area to 8, with more to follow. The Appearance Commission Mural Sub-Committee, the Jonesboro Historical Society and the Lipscomb family participated in awarding commissions for these latest works of art.