Do You Have A Family End of Summer Strategy?

A weeks ago our Family First column discussed some effective ways to make your summer vacation enjoyable for every family member.  This week, it’s a similar approach … and a time begin thinking about finishing the summer on a positive note, while also beginning to prepare for a great upcoming school year.

With just over one month remaining until the start of a new school year, here are 3 ideas you might want to consider –

Revisit Your Bucket List – Was there a special place or activity you were planning to experience this summer? There’s still time to accomplish that goal! If age-appropriate, discuss your summer dreams with every member of the family. Try to pick out at least one more thing you can do together before school time arrives again.

Declare A Family Holiday – Set aside one day to make FUN your full-fledged priority. Do whatever sounds right in that context … an amusement park, sporting event, picnic or swimming pool . . . or maybe a relaxing day around the house filled with games, puzzles, favorite movies & ice cream. Don’t let life’s daily pressures intrude on your special day.

Plan For A Great School Year – This is also an ideal time to start thinking about the school year in a positive and empowering way. The age of your kids will determine your tone and topics, but have some conversations and be a good listener. What is your child looking forward to, worrying about or wondering about? Use the next few weeks to get everyone in a positive frame-of-mind for the months ahead.