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Sanford Quality Of Life

Welcome To Sanford!

Where do we begin to tell you about all the great reasons to enjoy life here in Sanford and Lee County, North Carolina?

First, let’s just say Sanford and Lee County is great place to live!

With a diverse and growing economy, a wide range of retailers and manufacturers — both locally- and nationally-based, a full calendar of activities, and amazing property values, Sanford and Lee County are hard to beat.

Our educational resources and health care communities are dedicated and great at what they do.  Equally important, they are innovative and enjoying a wave of momentum that will benefit all of our citizens for decades into the future.

functioninthejunctionposterOur city and county employees and elected officials are dedicated to building on this exceptional foundation.  They are responsive to current challenges whenever they arise and proactive about building a great future for all of our residents and businesses. They clearly see our area’s unlimited potential and are serious about managing the resources and responsibilities necessary to grow effectively.

Bigger cities are close by for ballgames, concerts and the like, but our immediate area certainly holds its own for great dining, fun festivals, exceptional shopping, family-oriented activities, natural beauty and live entertainment.  In truth, for many of the occasions that bring joy and meaning into our lives, there’s no need to venture beyond the Lee County line.

We also need to mention the community spirit and giving hearts of many of our neighbors who live here in Sanford and Lee County. There is a strong, abiding tradition for service and giving to others, possibly best exemplified by the Sanford Lions Club, who have assumed responsibility for operating the annual county fair since the 1930s!

With dozens of dedicated churches and families of faith in the area, as well many civic and volunteer organizations, our citizens have plenty of opportunities to find a deeper meaning in their lives, right here in Sanford.

If you’re thinking of moving to the area, please spend some time with our Welcome To Sanford website and learn more about all the amazing qualities we have to offer.

Then, consider contacting us to schedule a free Tour of Sanford.

downtownsidewalk2This is a customized service we create just for you … to allow you to see all the specific neighborhoods, businesses, schools, churches and attractions we have to offer that can help you decide if Sanford and Lee County is the place to call home.

We’re so convinced that you’ll see value and appeal in what we have to offer, that our Welcome To Sanford team is happy to provide this special service, with no cost or obligation of any kind.

Are you ready to get started on your virtual travel to Sanford and Lee County?  Perfect!  And if you have questions or need more assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us at


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