Dillon Crockett — Southern Lee High School

Our latest Welcome To Sanford Teacher of the Week is Southern Lee High School Biology Teacher Dillon Crockett.  However, it’s fair to say that “biology teacher” only begins to describe Mr. Dillon and his many activities and accomplishments. He is the school’s AIG Advisor and coach for Science Olympiad and Quiz Bowl.  He has also served as Southern Lee’s Chair of the School Improvement Team, as well as a facilitator for Advanced Placement PLC and Biology PLC. Mr. Crockett is also an Adjunct Biology Instructor at Fayetteville Technical Community College.

Mr. Crockett holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from UNC-Chapel Hill, where he studied comparative literature, biology and education. His Masters Degree from Clemson University is in Biological Sciences and Mr. Crockett is presently pursuing a Graduate Certificate in School Leadership at Appalachian State University.  Last month Mr. Crockett’s accomplishments were recognized by his peers, when he was honored by the North Carolina Science Teachers Association as Outstanding Science Teacher of the Year in the 4th District, which covers Lee and 10 other counties in the area.

It’s no surprise that an educator with such an active schedule, is passionate about what he does, 24/7. Mr. Crockett notes, “I consider everything I do to be an extension of my role as a classroom teacher. All of us in this building have a stake in the overall performance of this building.” Mr. Crockett also works hard to customize his teaching skills to specific needs of his students.  He comments, “There’s a wide variety of challenges and gifts that each student brings to class, and it’s important to adapt my approach based on the needs of each class.  Students in my AP biology class need very different services from me than the students in a standard biology class.”

One of the added benefits of Mr. Crockett’s many extracurricular activities is the opportunity it provides him to interact with a wide range of students.  Mr. Crockett observes, “Some of the students I have in these groups are students I’ve had in my classes, and other ones are ones I’ve never even seen walking the halls. Southern Lee has a lot of extracurricular activities that are vocation-oriented, so Science Olympiad and Quiz Bowl are two of the only ones that are academically-oriented. A lot of the students that take part are really interested in learning, and it’s cool to see them have an opportunity to show that.”

Southern Lee Principal Molly Poston appreciates Mr. Crockett’s dedication, stating “Mr. Crockett is a driven and passionate professional.  He works tirelessly to meet students’ needs while presenting science concepts in meaningful and creative ways.” District Assistant Superintendent Chris Dossenbach also had the opportunity to observe Mr. Crockett’s efforts up-close in his previous role as Ms. Poston’s predecessor and sums things up this way, saying “It is my desire to fill the school with educators who have a desire for continued education and a passion for their curriculum.  Mr. Crockett has proven himself to be one of those educators.”