DeShanta Prince — Lee County High School

DeShanta Prince, a highly respected English Teacher at Lee County High School, is our Lee County Teacher of the Week. Ms. Prince teaches English II and III and works with the Exceptional Students program at the school. Ms. Prince was honored this past spring as Lee Senior’s Teacher of the Year for 2016-17.

Ms. Prince, a Lee Senior graduate herself, holds a degree from UNC-Greensboro and aims to create as many teachable moments for her students as possible.  Her colleagues admire her giving spirit, her deep commitment to teaching, and her ability to make learning an enjoyable experience for her kids.

In honoring Ms. Prince as the school’s teacher of the year, the school district noted, “Her teaching philosophy is to meet the students where they are and build positive relationships with them. She sees her students as her kids first, needing love, support and attention.”