Denise Cash-Pinckney – J.R. Ingram, Jr Elementary

Our Welcome To Sanford Teacher of the Week is Denise Cash-Pinckney of J.R. Ingram, Jr. Elementary School. Mrs. Cash-Pinckney’s 22 years of experience working with children includes the past 4 years as a third-grade teacher at Ingram. She holds an Associate Degree in Early Childhood Education, a Bachelor of Science degree in Elementary Education with a concentration in Special Education and is currently pursuing a Master’s Degree in Curriculum Instruction Leadership at Liberty University. Mrs. Cash-Pinckney was recently recognized as Ingram’s 2018-19 Teacher of the Year. She is a member of the North Carolina Technology in Education Society and Order of Eastern Stars.

Mrs. Cash-Pinckney’s philosophy of education is that all students are capable of learning. She observes, “These unique individuals should be afforded an effective, conducive learning environment where they can grow and develop to their fullest potential. A learning environment that meets the unique needs of each student represented in the classroom. One that is stimulating and student-centered.”

Her inspiration for going into teaching was Mrs. Cash-Pinckney’s husband. She comments, “He has always been my biggest supporter. He would always tell me how much of an impact I had on children. He was the one who encouraged me to go back to school and pursue a degree in teaching. It wasn’t until he was injured in the military that I realized how short life is and made the decision to pursue an elementary education teaching degree.”

Mrs. Cash-Pinckney’s says her best teaching experience actually happened in her first year as a teacher, recalling “I saw potential in a student that was receiving exceptional children (EC) services. I recognized one of his strengths was math. After frequent communication with the EC teacher this student was eventually placed in my regular education math class. Before then, he had never met proficiency in math. Over the course of three semesters he showed tremendous growth. He met proficiency the last two semesters he was enrolled in my class. It was like he had a ‘light bulb’ moment. I was so thankful that I saw his potential and shared it with others. He is the true reason I challenge ALL my students to be the best they can be regardless of disability of academic weaknesses.”