Deep River Elementary Students Learning With Surgical Precision

Deep River Elementary fifth-graders were challenged to not only remember what they learned over the course of a unit, but to do “medically examine and repair issues” on certain skills.

The fifth-grade teachers put together a review of math, science and reading skills for their students using the theme of surgery and medical attention. The students wore masks, gloves and caps every day as they prepared to review and address skills they were struggling with. Each student medically examined their skills and worked on repairing any issues they were having.

Every day brought on a new set of activities for the students. Combined with the teachers’ excitement, Deep River had the fifth grade ready to learn and do “surgery” on the skills they needed more practice with.

Principal Amy Lundy said the review took a lot of planning on the teachers’ part, but appreciated how her staff went above and beyond to teach students skills in a different way.

“I am proud of my teachers’ excitement for student learning,” she said. “Watching the students get excited about learning each day that week was amazing. Even students in other grade levels walked by the fifth grade classrooms and questioned what was going on.”

Ashley Matsik, one of Deep River’s fifth-grade teachers, noted how the students were engaged and worked together to review in a fun way as the group focused on how surgeons must use accuracy and precision.

“Watching the students’ faces light up as they came in the first day to see the surgical room transformation made all the hard work planning worth it,” she said. “As we packed up the first day, one young man said, ‘I thought it was Friday we were having so much fun.’”