Davette Roper – Bragg Street Academy

Welcome To Sanford’s latest Teacher of the Week is Davette Roper from Bragg Street Academy. Ms. Roper has 14 years’ of teaching experience and serves as BSA’s English Language Arts and Journalism teacher.  She also has AVID oversight responsibilities and was recently recognized as Bragg Street Academy 2019-20 Teacher of the Year.

Ms. Roper has a degree in Middle Grades Education from North Carolina Central University and is also certified in Middle School English Language Arts and Social Studies. Ms. Roper is known throughout the school for the love, value and respect she has for each of her students. Her optimistic personality can be expressed well by the Dolly Parton quote on her school teacher welcome page … “The way I see it, if you want the rainbow, you gotta put up with the rain.” Ms. Roper also tries to take a positive view to our present-day pandemic challenges, noting “My life would be much easier if I could just go in my classroom and teach my students! You ALWAYS have to figure out what is best for your kids!!! Kids should be learning year round!!!!”

BSA Principal Shannon Shuey also holds Ms. Roper in high regard and values the leadership role she plays in school, commenting “Ms. Roper can be described as an influential teacher-leader who exemplifies, in the work she does for students and teachers, what it takes to carry out the vision for the school in which she works and the overall mission of our school district.”

When she isn’t in school, Ms. Roper enjoys spending time with her family.