Creative Ideas To Help Sell Your House

Even though the regional real estate market is chugging along, there are still price ranges, geographic areas and specific circumstances that may require some creative assistance to get to the “Sold” sign in the yard. With assistance from the Team Move OVM Financial Blog, here are few moves that sellers can make, in order to help buyers close a deal in timely fashion.

Pay The Buyer’s Closing Cost — Probably the most common incentive, especially where buyers have low downpayment loans. This offer allows the buyer to keep more funds in the bank, where they will be able to use them to help fund the move or other purchases.

Pay Off A Buyer’s Debt — In a similar case, if a buyer needs to pay off a debt in order to qualify for a loan, assistance from the seller may make it possible to get the deal to the finish line. Sales concessions from the buyer can offset the expenditure made by the seller to help make the deal happen.

Repair Items That Appear On the Home Inspector’s Report — Providing peace of mind for the buyer, that they won’t be purchasing some unanticipated repair costs can sometimes be a compelling deal closer. If cash is a concern, the repair costs can be paid out of the seller’s proceeds at closing.

Over the next few weeks, we’ll share more ideas about effective measures a seller can take to close their home sale under terms that work for everyone.  Of course, in all circumstances, be sure to consult an experienced licensed real estate agent before finalizing any offers. And for assistance with the mortgage process, Sanford’s Team Move professionals are always happy to provide guidance and resources. Please call 919-777-0114 to schedule your appointment.