Couponing … Do You Clip, Collect or CLICK?

Earlier this month we talked about ways to extend the life and value of your kids’ clothes. Of course, it literally pays to be economical about every aspect of your household budget. The time-tested concept of couponing is taking on a new look, but still brings considerable value to folks who put them to good use.

In fact, it’s fair to say that nearly every major brand and retailer offers incentives to purchase their products at discounted rates. Although proven standbys such as direct mail, newspaper inserts and on-site coupons still experience significant popularity, online couponing continues to gain in popularity for a number of logical reasons.

Among them, 1) it’s affordable and easy for companies to place them on their websites, 2) consumers have the flexibility to seek out the retailers and offers of interest to them, 3) there are several coupon-oriented sites that make it easy for consumers to get what their looking for, 4) advances in mobile devices, apps, texting and QR codes make it easier to access and redeem coupons and 5) online coupons are an appealing part of the overall trend from brick & mortar to online retailers.

Generally speaking, there are 2 ways to approach the online couponing process. Particularly for big-ticket items and hard goods, simply conduct an online search by the name of the product and compare offers. As an added bonus, most leading retailers will match better offers legitimately made by their competitors. Or, get to know the leading online coupon websites. There is a massive variety of options. Some focus on specific industries like groceries or fashion. Others concentrate on special offers and tips about the newest and best deep discounts.

With a little bit of effort and homework, there’s no reason why your family can’t save money on most of the things it purchases.