City, State Allocate Funds For Downtown Mural Program

Sanford City Council has unanimously approved a matching fund that will collectively generate $80,000 in funding for the city’s popular downtown mural program over the next year.

The 2017-18 North Carolina budget earmarks $40,000 for the Sanford Mural Restoration Project, in part due to the efforts local Representative John Sauls and House Speaker Tim Moore. At the late August Council meeting, the body voted unanimously voted to match state funding, as a show of support and appreciation.

The meeting also included a presentation from Liz Whitmore who is a member of Sanford’s Appearance Commission. Ms. Whitmore discussed possible plans for future downtown public works of art. She also made note of the dedication of the Jonesboro Cornet Band mural and the present work on the next mural – the 8th in the series – that will spotlight the Fairview Dairy.