Cindy Kelly – Lee County High School

This week’s Welcome To Sanford Teacher of the Week is Cindy Kelly, Health & Physical Education teacher at Lee County High School. Ms. Kelly is in process of completing her 20th year of teaching and coaching at the high school, where she has served in many roles, including as volleyball and basketball coach. She began her teaching career in 1998 and holds a BS in Physical Education Teaching & Coaching from the University of South Carolina, and a Masters in Kinesiology & Exercise Science from Campbell University. In fall 2019, Ms. Kelly also earned National Board Certified Teacher status, one of 46 teachers in Lee County Schools to have achieved this designation.

Ms. Kelly views Physical Education as an integral part of the total education process, commenting “The adage `a sound mind in a sound body’ is still very appropriate today. Schools are responsible for the total development of the student and must be committed to developing the body as well as the mind. Our mission in physical education is to develop each student to his/her fullest potential for future success in society. By participating regularly in a broad spectrum of activities, students have a channel of learning that allows each of them, regardless of ability, to meet physical challenges, develop essential motor skills, assess individual abilities, appreciate the fun and joy of human movement, and at the same time develop strategies for improvement.”

2019 marked the second time Ms. Kelly completed the National Board certification process and she views it as an invaluable benefit in her teaching journey and professional development. She notes, “As an educator, we should be constantly looking for ways to improve our classroom and student performance. The National Boards require you to reflect on why you are teaching what you are teaching, and helps you take that information and use it in a way that makes your classroom more engaging. Each student learns differently. One of the biggest challenges is learning what that is and helping my students meet those goals and outcomes. The opportunity to connect professional learning with classroom practice enhances my experience and journey as a teacher.”