Chadburn Spivey & Friends

Welcome To Sanford and Adcock & Associates Real Estate & Auction are thrilled to recognize popular local musician Chadburn Spivey (& Friends) as our first Artist of the Week.  Chadburn has been playing live music in Sanford and nearby communities since middle school, working with a massive number of local musicians, and playing a central role in dozens of bands throughout the years. He’s presently a part of a few bands based here in the area and throughout the state.

Chadburn’s musicianship is diverse (guitar, banjo, mandolin, bass, piano, harmonica) and so are the styles of music he’s embraced, ranging from rock & roll to rap rock and bluegrass.  In his younger days, Chadburn’s touring itinerary took him to live music venues from New York to California.  Now, as a father of 3, Chadburn spends much of his time right here in Sanford and the Tar Heel state, where much of his musical activity involves playing with family and friends. He especially enjoys playing with his father David Spivey, who is widely known in the area as an outstanding bass player.

It’s fair to say that Chadburn and his music have achieved a “world wide” following.  Among his many popular recordings is a video of Amazing Grace that he created. Chadburn learned to play harmonica from watching his grandfather Andy Siegner, and felt called to create this inspiring version of the song in the midst of a snow storm.  It’s received over 650,000 views to date on YouTube and over a million plays on Facebook. Click on the image to see this enjoyable video, and click here to access more videos from Chadburn’s YouTube Channel.

Chadburn is an enthusiastic and unapologetic fan of the local music scene in Sanford and has been thrilled by its evolution in recent years, noting, “It is a real blessing to play with so many local and diverse musicians here in Sanford. We have such a great talent pool. When I was a child we played shows at Riverbirch, local bars, clubs, churches, and just about anywhere that people would have us. The music scene has really exploded here with the city creating Depot Park and the Smoke and Barrel inviting locals to play live.  Depot Park has really brought our community together.  Now local venues like the Camelback Brewing Co, Hugger Mugger, Karma, and other places host live music weekly.   We now have so many local spots to jam it is awesome. Many in the younger generation are taking their talents nationwide and being very successful.  We are one big music family.”

New Single: My Home, My Carolina





Chadburn has recorded 8 albums to date and a number of additional singles.  Welcome To Sanford is pleased to introduce a new single from his next album. A tribute to Chadburn’s home state, My Home, My Carolina also features vocals by Jeremy Strothers, fiddle by Matt Hooper and stand-up bass from Daryl Perry. Orus Patterson played a role in mixing and vocal recording at Dirtlab Studios.

Finally, as an added bonus, we encourage you to enjoy this video of What Do I Gotta Do? by Country Mouse, City Mouse, shot in the heart of New York City.

Country Mouse, City Mouse was a band formed by Chadburn and Elaine Hager Berton that enjoyed a popular local following.  This video features Elaine on vocals and Matt Hooper on fiddle.

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