Certifying That “New” Used Car

A lot of folks have found that when it comes to family automotive transportation, late model used cars offer a great combination of reliability and affordability. But it’s important to make sure you cover all the bases. One way to protect yourself right from the start by purchasing a certified used car.

Many dealers, especially brand-affiliated ones, have a selection of thoroughly inspected, lightly-used vehicles. These units have met a set of specific criteria for condition, so you can feel confident in their reliability. A certification generally entitles you to either the remainder of the factory warranty, or a warranty backed by the dealer or manufacturer. This means that you can avoid the extra hassle of purchasing an extended warranty through a third party.

Certifications often have added benefits included, such as roadside assistance for breakdowns. Most full-line manufacturers offer certification programs, so there’s no need to limit yourself by brand in your search for a vehicle.

The Edmunds website can be a good place to start in learning more about specific certification programs. Click here to get information on dozens on certified pre-owned vehicle programs.