Central Carolina Hospital Parent Company Announces Corporate Merger

Sanford’s Central Carolina Hospital‘s parent company, LifePoint Health, has announced the completion of its merger with RCCH HealthCare Partners and will begin its new operating identity as LifePoint Health.

Hospital and corporate officials characterize this business venture as a win-win development.

In this new arrangement, Central Carolina Hospital will be connected to an even stronger network of community hospitals, regional health systems, physician practices, outpatient centers and post-acute facilities, covering approximately 30 states. The increased size of the new organization and its access to more resources will allow community hospitals like Central Carolina Hospital to grow and thrive in the rapidly evolving, competitive healthcare landscape.

At the same time, CCH will continue to enjoy autonomy and the ability to operate in its customary fashion. The hospital notes that its dedication to patients, employees, physicians, and community will be unchanged and that they do not anticipate any changes in how patients access the hospital and healthcare providers.

More updates about the newly-expanded LifePoint Health entity are anticipated as the organization begins to become more integrated and active in its communities and health facilities.