Central Carolina Hospital Opens “Fast Track” Option

Central Carolina Hospital has recently opened a “Fast Track” option for patients with less serious injuries, in order to speed up their care and improve overall efficiency.

The goal is to have patients, with issues like sore throats or ear infections, be treated within one hour. CCH has increased its resources for emergency issues and minor health problems to continue creating a safe and healthy atmosphere for its patients.

The Fast Track is located near the waiting area in the emergency department and will contain a provider, nurse, and nursing assistant to assist the patients with their needs. It allows for patients to receiver quicker care for those with less threatening symptoms.

Central Carolina Hospital’s Emergency Department Director, Julie Kelly observes that in traditional ER settings “The patients with less severe problems end up waiting longer and in some instances leave prior to being evaluated. These patients are the patients we are targeting to treat with the Fast Track. We want to provide quality care to everyone who presents to be treated.”

Hospital CEO John Maxwell views the Fast Track option as the first step in generating an expansion of the emergency department at Sanford’s hospital. Maxwell encourages people to visit the emergency department if they feel as though they need treatment, because minor issues can lead to major problems, and the department has the available resources to find the best treatment for each patient.