Candace Land — Floyd L. Knight Children’s Center

Our latest Welcome To Sanford Teacher of the Week honoree is Candace Land, from the Floyd L. Knight Children’s Center.  Ms. Land is in her 5th year of teaching pre-K/Preschool at Floyd L. Knight. She has nearly two full decades of total experience in pre-K, and has served students in Head Start, as well as a Parent Educator.  Ms. Land holds a Bachelor’s of Science in B-K teaching from Fayetteville State University and a Masters in Early Childhood Studies from Campbell University. She was also recognized as the Floyd L. Knight Teacher of the Year in the 2017-18 school year.

Ms. Land comes from a family filled with educators. Her beloved grandmother is a retired teacher.  In addition to aunts and uncles, her grandfather, who was blind, even served as a teacher.  He was a teacher at the Mississippi School For The Blind.  Ms. Land’s teaching motto is “I EXPECT PROGRESS!”  She comments, “I expect friendships to be made and new skills to be developed. Each child will be pushed to be their best!”

Her motto is reflected in Ms. Land’s “whatever it takes” teaching philosophy as well.  High expectations are required of children and teachers. She observes, “‘Whatever it takes’ means that for each student and family I serve, I am committed to doing ‘whatever it takes’ to help them reach their individual goals. There is no cookie cutter way to teaching or reaching a child. We have to be passionate problem solvers.”

Ms. Land embraces her role as an advocate for early childhood education and the families that are served. Beyond her school responsibilities, Ms. Land has one son in college and a second completing his senior year of high school.