Callie Hammond – Bragg Street Academy

This week’s Lee County Teacher Tribute goes to Callie Hammond, a long-standing English teacher at Bragg Street Academy. In May 2017, Ms. Hammond was honored as BSA’s Teacher Of The Year for the third time. She’s been teaching at Bragg Street since 1998 and earns high marks from her peers for the mentoring role she plays with younger members of the teaching staff.

Ms. Hammond’s teaching philosophy can be summed up in this quote, which appears on her school webpage, “Every child can learn. It is our job as teachers to discover what the child knows and take him forward from there.” In her classrooms, Ms. Hammond’s students do a lot of writing. She also encourages her kids to read on a daily basis.

Ms. Hammond has a BA in English from Davidson College, an MS in educational change & technology innovation from Walden University, and holds a National Board Certification in Young Adult English & Language Arts.  In her spare time, Ms. Hammond enjoys reading, theater and watching softball.