Friday, April 12, 2024

Introducing . . . Tours Of Sanford

Are you contemplating a move to Sanford and Lee County? Are you a candidate for a job opening with one of our local companies?

Then we want you to take full advantage of a great, no-cost public service called Tours Of Sanford.

Adcock & Associates, a long-standing Sanford real estate firm, offers Tours of Sanford to all Lee County employers.

This free service consists of a customized, no-pressure tour throughout Sanford and Lee County for potential new employees.  The goal is to have each person or family who takes the tour come away with all the information they need to make a well-informed decision about the appeal and great qualities of our community.

Tours Of Sanford is NOT a home selling tour.  No homes are ever shown during this occasion.

Instead, it’s an opportunity to help potential new residents see if Sanford and Lee County is the right place for them.

If a prospect’s Tour demonstrates that Sanford is a great place to live, the potential to help the community and employers attract great new residents improves dramatically.

“The Tour” actually begins a few days ahead of time, with a phone or email conversation.

By finding out what the guest’s interests, questions and concerns are, a custom-designed tour can be created, just for that person and their family.

  • Our Mayor, City Council Members and city staff are happy to meet with potential new residents, answer questions and share their visions about our community.
  • Staff members at Central Carolina Hospital are available to talk about health and wellness services in the area.
  • Our local educators welcome the opportunity to talk with parents about the many academic options that Lee County has to offer.
  • For families with kids who are active in sports, music, dance or the arts, the Tour can arrange to meet with local organizations who provide those activities.
  • For folks who love the arts, special interests or fine dining, the Tour can include stops at local shops, theaters or restaurants.

If you’re a potential new resident, please contact the Adcock office at 919-775-5444 to see if you qualify for this special program.

If you’re a Lee County employer with a prospect that you’re eager to impress, contact Adcock at 919-775-5444 or by email to make arrangements.  Please also feel free to make copies of our Tours of Sanford Flyers for your co-workers and job prospects.

Tours of Sanford is yet another way that community leaders are working together to share our amazing story with potential new friends and neighbors.


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