Beverly Brookshire

Our latest Welcome To Sanford Artist of the Week is the extremely popular, highly acclaimed local resident Beverly Brookshire. Beverly’s artwork extends from abstracts to still life and ranges from watercolors to ink drawings. She is a long-standing, active member of the Sanford Brush & Palette Club, where she has served in numerous capacities in recent years. Her artwork has been featured in several venues here in the Sanford area, as well as in New York City and other places. Beverly’s work has also been highly acclaimed. She’s been the recipient of numerous awards throughout her career. At the recent 55th Art Show, Beverly’s work of art titled Sanford Farm House was honored with the Mayor’s Choice Award. In 2014, Beverly was honored as the Sanford Brush & Palette Club’s Artist of the Year.

Beverly’s artistry is difficult to characterize. Her ink drawings are often precise, occasionally sparse and very evocative. Her painting can range from placid still lifes to vibrant abstracts with dynamic colors and flourishes. While Beverly and her works are beloved in the community, it is also noteworthy that Beverly has frequently returned the affection. In 2011 she made a coloring page available for download, based on a Christmas card she created that featured Santa strolling down the railroad tracks in front of Depot Park in downtown Sanford. She’s also created a series of Historic Sanford Paintings & Cards. These are painted derivatives of the sights of Sanford, with a focus on the community’s architecture. Beverly’s paintings, prints and cards have been publically displayed and made available for purchase throughout the years at local landmarks such as the Temple Theater, Yarborough’s Ice Cream Parlor, and the Steele Pig.