Be The “Chair” Of Your Good Health Committee

Sometimes we find ourselves at a stage in our lives when we just aren’t as physically active as we could be.  Perhaps you’ve been injured lately, have mobility issues, are too busy to hit the gym, or simply find yourself trapped behind a desk for far too many hours in the day. Don’t despair!  Instead, consider incorporating chair exercises. With a little advance planning, they can be convenient and efficient, and provide a path to improved flexibility, fitness, strength and cardio-vascular health.

You might be surprised at the diversity of muscle groups and body areas you can positively impact through chair exercises. Legs, arms, thighs, back, abs, shoulders, quads and even your posterior can all benefit from chair exercises. The range and creativity of specific exercises are impressive as well. Familiar routines like jumping jacks, leg lifts, abdominal toning, and running in place (in a chair!) are all options to explore. A quick visit online will reveal several different exercise regimens. Select a few that seem promising, and give them a try. See which ones work best for you and address your specific fitness goals. Of course as a reminder, make sure you discuss any new fitness regimen with your healthcare provider, before getting started.

Shape magazine recommends securing a sturdy chair that has a sturdy back and no wheels. Set up your preferred exercise routine and repeat the full cycle 3 times each day, allowing very little time for rest in between moves. Depending on your schedule and fitness, you can plan on doing your entire workout in one “sitting,” or consider splitting things up into morning, midday and afternoon cycles. This Shape magazine article includes 6 specific chair exercises worth considering.